With a population of just over 7000 people, Sandpoint has developed and maintained a close-knit community. Its residents make time to be a part of their neighbor’s lives, and remain active in public affairs. Through their hard work and effort, Sandpoint has developed an attitude of appreciation for nature, the arts, and its citizens, making it a city of diverse events, gorgeous surroundings, and exuberant people. It is these traits that make Sandpoint a great place to live, and entice others to make it their new home. 


Sandpoint’s residents love the environment, so there is more than enough to be done when it comes to outdoor activities. Whether it be Winter or Summer past-times you enjoy, Sandpoint has something to offer everyone.


Recreation is year-round at Schweitzer Mountain Resort! - Take to the slopes in winter to explore 2900 acres that accommodate Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Snow Biking, Snow Shoeing, and even tubing. The fun continues into the summer months with over 20 miles of mountain Biking routes, hiking trails, a 9-hole Disc Golf course, and much more. When you’re not out enjoying the mountainside, there is still plenty of entertainment to be found. Relax with a drink while enjoying live music at Schweitzer’s annual Fall Fest, or take some time to pamper yourself at the Village’s Spa.

Lake Pend Oreille

A gorgeous setting during the summer months, Lake Pend Oreille offers stunning views of the majestic Green Monarchs, Selkirk, and Cabinet Mountains. Its Cerulean blue waters stretch 43 miles in length, and at its widest, nearly 6 miles across. Cast off from the Sandpoint Marina and enjoy a day on the lake. With waters averaging a refreshing 72 degrees you can easily beat the summer heat, and its biodiversity makes it a great place for wildlife and fishing enthusiasts. The lake and its many tributaries are also perfect for activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. 

Trails & Camp Grounds

Encompassed by such a beautiful landscape, it’s only natural that Sandpoint has hundreds of trails to help you explore the breathtaking terrain. Whether you prefer hiking, biking, or a casual stroll, there are trails perfect for each. For those who want to spend more than just a few hours surrounded by nature, Sandpoint is in close proximity to many beautiful parks which allow for camping. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, or spending a night by the lake, you are guaranteed to enjoy the scenery around you.


Having developed a culture which appreciates and supports the arts, Sandpoint has attracted countless individuals to the city to practice their trade. Live music can be heard on almost any night of the week, artists’ galleries can be found on every other street, and craftsmen occupy shop space to create masterpieces from wood and stone. With such a diverse group of artisans, there is always a performance or exhibition to captivate your attention.

The Festival at Sandpoint

Eight nights of outstanding performances await you at the festival which aims to make great music available to Sandpoint and the neighboring areas. Celebrate music of every genre, and artists from all walks of life. 

Pend Oreille Arts Council 

In charge of providing Sandpoint and the neighboring areas with unique artistic presentations, POAC is responsible for a long list of events throughout the year. Their schedule includes a “Concert Series”, where dozens of impressive performers showcase their talents at the historic Panida Theatre, an annual Arts & Crafts fair which brings over 100 artisans to the City Beach to display their work, and countless gallery exhibits. 

Music Conservatory of Sandpoint

Committed to educating people of all ages about the performing arts, the conservatory offers a wide range of music and acting courses. Students can learn one-on-one with a private instructor, study alongside their peers in an ensemble, or practice performing in one of The Conservatory’s many student recitals.


Sandpoint realizes the importance of a quality education, which is why it offers a multitude of different opportunities for schooling. 

Lake Pend Oreille School District

Catering to most of the students in the area, LPOSD does its best to prepare students for the future. Benefited by small class sizes, the educators of the district can work more closely with students to determine their individual needs.  

Waldorf School

Another option for education is Sandpoint’s Waldorf School. Taking a hands-on approach to learning, the Waldorf school believes the subjects taught in school aren’t meant to just be studied, but experienced.  Originating from the teachings from the artist and scientist, Rudolf Steiner, the method aims to address the developmental stages of a child.

Forrest M. Bird Charter

Offering instruction for grades 6-12, Forrest M. Bird Charter schools aim to promote student success through a project-based curriculum and by fostering personal responsibility through high behavioral standards. To insure the highest rates of success, the school insures that every student has access to an advisor to support and encourage their development.


For those looking to continue their education, North Idaho College has a branch in Sandpoint! Aside from providing a variety of college credit classes, they also offer workforce training programs and non-credit credit courses for the community. NIC makes getting a higher education more accessible with the option to complete schooling online, allowing students to work around a busy schedule.

Health Care

Despite being a small town, Sandpoint boasts an impressive healthcare facility, not to mention a plethora of independent practices. Serving the area since 1949, Bonner General Health has grown over the years to accommodate the needs of the community. On top of being a full-service hospital, BHG also offers Hospice and Home Health Services, educational programs, laboratory diagnostics, and cancer treatments through Kootenai Cancer Center.  Its 2014 expansion added another 40,000 Sq Ft building which houses Sandpoint Women’s Health, and Performance Therapy Services.